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Why Are So Many Women Writing Naughty Blog?

A naughty blog is a blog written by an individual who is self-confessedly or openly gay. Most of the time, this blog is created as a response to how society treats gay men. As such, a naughty gay body blog can be the perfect venue for a man who is feeling a little uncomfortable with his sexuality to express his feelings in writing. He can do this while still living with his partner and going about his normal, everyday life.

So what makes a blog naughty?

It all has to do with the content. A blog that is filled with sexual innuendo is not necessarily gay oriented, but is rather one that promotes the promotion of sexual interests. So if you are reading this article, then chances are you are a bit curious as to what naughty things guys like to do to other guys. I am about to tell you.

What guys really enjoy is a good story. A good tale, if you will

A man is always looking for a story that will take him places and instill him with a sense of adventure. In fact, I would go as far as to say that most men want a story where there isn’t any romantic foreplay involved. That’s because it takes the romance out of the experience and makes it more simply physical.

A woman who is looking for an erotic story is much less interested in the man’s intentions and much more interested in the story itself. The man may be gay, but the woman is looking for something that is more electrifying and physical between the two of them. That’s why women are so into gay erotica and adult movies.

For women, the same can be said – similar perspective as gay persons

While reading these stories, women want to learn things about their lovers that they wouldn’t normally get a chance to find out in person. You can also use these blogs to meet gay friends online and expand your gay dating pool. A man may have a gorgeous girlfriend or wife, but he may never know the secrets that her lover holds. She might be keeping something from him. Women, in general, want to find out what their men aren’t telling them. This is how naughty writing for naughty women starts.


Many people wonder how someone can start a naughty blog without attracting the wrong kind of attention. Well, you don’t have to worry about that. Most people who started naughty blogs started out as something more like personal journals or diaries. They wanted to write about things they felt comfortable sharing. As their readership grew, they found themselves gaining a new following of women who wanted the same material they were reading about.

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