Supporting Gay Party Life and Culture

The gay community is planning ..

The Gay Party (Italian: Partito Gay per consultative LGBT+), whose full title is Partito Gay per consultative LGBT+ (” homophobic”), is an Italian non-profit civic group, which is planning a gay party for the June calendar year.

The group is composed of young gay men who met at Milan’s world-famous Fashion Week.

The main goal of this party is to organize “lesbian love festivals” throughout the country, inviting gay men to share their stories, and to create awareness on gay rights in Italy and abroad. The organizers hope that this will become a model for other European countries to follow.

The first two weeks of June are very important for the gay community in Italy. As there is usually a series of gay events all over Italy, such as pride festivals, gay pride parades, and gay circuit parties. There are also several other upcoming gay events all around the globe. This year, the Venice Gay Pride celebration is scheduled. From the 7th to the 9th of June. The gay community is planning a massive demonstration against discrimination towards the LGBT community. Which is expected to be attended by thousands of gay men.

In Milan, the gay community there is organizing a huge solidarity concert against discrimination. Solidarity concerts like these will give voice to those people who are still struggling. Their identities but are ready to fight for gay rights.

Other than the gay culture in Italy, other countries have very strong gay communities and it is important to support these groups. To build unity among fellow LGBTQ people. Supporting these early parties will help us boost our global gay community. And provide a platform to express our solidarity, to fight for the same causes. And to build a bridge among people from different cultures and ethnic backgrounds.

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